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for the safe transport and storage of medical samples

We offer you numerous variants of different laboratory bags - according to your needs! In our laboratory bags, your medical samples are transported leak-proof (UN3373) according to the legal regulations. On request, we can print your bag individually with up to 8 colours and equip it with a document pouch. There are no limits to individual designs in terms of material, design, type of closure and bag construction. The following products show a part of our product variety.

Climate neutral & data protection-compliant

Data protection compliant (DSGVO), leak-proof laboratory bag (secondary packaging) for the transport of medical / diagnostic samples with separate chambers for the samples and the laboratory cards. Barcodes / numbering for tracking optional, provided with "easy-tear" opening aid to be able to open the laboratory bags without additional aids.

Climate neutral, transparent, translucent & opaque

The laboratory bags for the transport of medical / diagnostic samples with one chamber, document pouch optional, with "easy-tear" tear-open aid.

Climate neutral

mailing bag

Post-compliant as well as leak-proof laboratory bag for the transport of medical / diagnostic samples with "easy-tear" open aid. Gladly already printed with the recipient's address (QR code/franking) to make it as convenient as possible for the senders.

Thermal transport boxes

Standardized transport thermoboxes with inner boxes for transporting blood samples, vaccines or other medical specimens. Optionally, the thermoboxes can be equipped with inner boxes made of polypropylene or polycarbonate as well as cold packs or racks. Furthermore, the temperature can be recorded by a data logger. There are numerous other customization options in terms of size, colour and printing according to your specifications.


As an optional addition to your laboratory bags, we offer various absorbers. Absorbers as well as double-chamber absorbers into which two medical samples can be inserted.

LDPE pressure seal bags in various formats without and with labeling field on request.

100% recycled flat bags made of reclaimed natural cloudy/honey colored excellent for protecting, storing, stocking and picking your products. Tear resistant sustainable packaging for small parts, accessories, etc available in 50my as well as 100my. Available in numerous formats without printing.

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Use of recyclable materials for our various products and reintroduction into the recycling loop.


product range